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Business and Succession Planning

Our expertise lies is helping business owners and entrepreneurs protect the investment they have made in their business and helping them leverage their business to fund their own financial independence.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs we speak to don’t know what their business is truly worth. They also feel they only need to know what it’s worth when they are looking to sell their business or that a valuation is only required for larger, public companies. This is just simply not the case.

The reality is that it’s critical for all businesses to know their value. Why? Well, as Warren Buffet states:

“Business valuation is the heart of investing and risk management, and without it you are blind.”

When you know what your business is worth you have a more realistic perspective from which to plan for the future direction of your business, as well as the future income needs of you and your family.

Our planning process begins with first providing a customized Business Evaluation Report. This report highlights:

  • What the business may be worth (utilizing six different valuation methods)
  • What this means to owner, their business and their family

With this information, we can put in place more effective plans and strategies for future growth, retirement planning, business continuation and succession planning.

By knowing what your business is worth, you can help protect the business you’ve dedicated your life to building, and help ensure that you and your loved ones receive the full value for a lifetime’s worth of hard work, sacrifice, and sweat equity.

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