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About Us

Beneficial Wealth was founded by Stephen Bene and Jeffrey Costello to provide a personalized financial planning experience on what financial independence is and how to achieve it.

Our mission is it to educate with transparency, coordinate wealth strategies, and most importantly listen to YOUR concerns. We provide a friendly non-threatening atmosphere that allows you to feel at ease in today’s intimidating and complex financial world.

Our Team

Stephen has spent time working in the financial services industry at PNC Bank (a regional bank) and at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He left Bank of America Merrill Lynch with one goal in mind...

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Since 2011, Jeffrey has been passionate about helping companies save money on their Employee Benefits all while making the company look elite in its benefit offerings compared to the competition using unique strategies and plan designs...

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Michael Matullo

Financial Services Professional

(908) 685-8707

In his youth, Michael developed an interest in business and investing, eventually entering the world of Financial Services after graduating from Rowan University. Michael, noted for an adherence to efficient wealth building and...

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